Taking the "P" out of politics

Written by Sylvia Card on .



I was amused by your  report of the Town Council meeting  "Sssh don't mention the P word"...

It was an extraordinary thing for the Chair of a partially elected Town Council to say at the beginning of public question time.  Maybe the Mayor thinks only Conservative voters  exist  in Marlborough and "Labour" is a dirty word which might shock the young people  present, it was after all before the watershed hour.

Unlike the  (mainly unelected) councillors on The town Council the Labour Party has been campaigning against the closure of Sure Start  Children's  Centre by raising awareness of the issue with leaflet distribution and letter writing.  We have not waited to be "briefed" on the subject but have done our own research into the local need for such a valuable resource in the town.  We expect more than platitudes from our councillors.


Sylvia Card
Vice Chair Devizes Constituency Labour Party