Marlborough High Street - Pavements are a disgrace

Written by Gerald Payne on .



As I passed by the gas main replacement works in the High Street I could not help but reflect on the priorities of Wiltshire Council as the highways authority.  A great deal of money was spent resurfacing the carriageway and marking out the parking bays in the High Street.

In contrast the pavement is a disgrace. Uneven, narrow with unattractive surfaces. A real trip hazard to the less able. No escape from parked cars or bus fumes. Nowhere to sit and chat with friends except outside some of the cafes where a face mask would be required to protect from pollutants.

So it would seem that "cars important pedestrians not" is the conclusion to be drawn from this? As for cyclists. well they take their life in their own hands tackling an area set up to worship the car.

Here is an Image of a Road in Utrecht:

Utrecht:  Cars, pedestrians, cyclists and trees in harmonyUtrecht: Cars, pedestrians, cyclists and trees in harmony

Notice that there is a more equal distribution of space between pedestrians, cyclists and road users. There are even trees



Gerald Payne