The Salisbury Road development: A voice not heard

Written by Sara Daw on .

The decision to accept the outline proposal of 175 houses plus a 60-bed hotel on open farmland and countryside at Salisbury Road, leaves many bitterly upset and disappointed.

Our collective voice, that of real concerns regarding loss of wildlife, arable land and open countryside, have been ignored and deemed a 'necessary' evil. The demand for housing seems to outweigh all other reason, irrespective of whether the site, owned by Crown Estates, is truly viable.

Potential water contamination, loss of wildlife habitat, loss of farmland and livelihood, all ignored and glibly waived away.

Peter Ridal makes such sense in a room filled with repeaters.  The effects, in terms of transport and through traffic, will be severe and far reaching if this ever comes to pass - businesses at the business park are already suffering from this grid-lock.

Yes, we need affordable housing, I do wholeheartedly agree, but small pockets of buildings would be better, on brownfield sites, that are to be found around the town.

I concur with Peter Ridal, that a neighbourhood plan is needed BEFORE any such rash decision. Let not this beautiful land fall because of the demand by government for ever more housing.
Sara Daw

A voice not heard

I sit on the wind and caress the breeze,
I lift my wing with mewing tease,
I swoop and soar and watch for prey,
A scurried mouse or shrew at play,
I watch as men begin to churn,
To shake the earth with measured turn,
I watch the deer flee and run,
I watch the starlings seek the sun,
I see the sloe and brambles cut and hewn,
I see the branches tossed and strewn,
I see a farmer’s fields devoured,
I see the badger’s eyes so cowered,
I see great cliffs rise from the ground,
I hear great noise and tearing sounds,
I watch in fear amongst my trees,
They whisper close; there is unease,
My hunting fields lost in one battle cry,
I leave my home; or I will die.