Marlborough St Mary's Primary School development

Written by Justin Cook on .



On Monday evening at the Town Council Planning Committee meeting the planning application for the Marlborough St Mary's Primary School development was turned down by a narrow margin.

I want to reassure Marlborough residents:  I was one of those Councillors who voted against the application, not because the school isn’t needed by the town - it is desperately; not because the design or any other aspect hasn’t been thought out or considered properly - it has.  I voted against for one vitally important reason - that of traffic considerations and safety.

Marlborough needs this school and the new developments underway mean that this need will get ever more intense in the years to come.  But the safety of the children is paramount, as is the opportunity for parents to deliver children to the school.  Also real consideration must be given to the residents who live adjacent to the school, particularly those in Ducks Meadow whose sole access route is by the school entrance.

The application included a traffic plan that was put together in 2010.  Marlborough has changed over the past six years, and will change markedly over the next decade.  The traffic plan must be sufficiently robust to embrace this change otherwise the environment may not be safe and however excellent the new school may be its operation and the safety of its environment could be compromised.

I cannot speak for other Councillors who also voted against, but I was not prepared to support this development when this one fundamental aspect had not been addressed.

I fully expect (and hope) that this development will be passed once an updated and considered traffic plan has been drafted and re-submitted.

I would like to confirm that these thoughts and opinions are all my own and do not reflect the Marlborough Town Council body corporate.  I honestly hope the traffic plan is updated and we can pass this brilliant new school that will only add to the town and afford more opportunities for all the children in a safe and organised environment.


Justin Cook
Arrow Private Hire Ltd