Another suggestion for marking the Queen's 90th birthday

Written by Ian and Tina Mellor on .

I read with interest - but no great surprise - the letter from three concerned Dads about the lack of any community celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday.  The letter indicates that the Town Council do not appear to have a big event planned and it is disappointing that the mayor elect, Councillor Noel Barrett-Morton, who will be Mayor at the time, appears not to be interested in taking part.

A few of us who live at College Fields and Barton Park have been discussing how we could celebrate this unique event.  The problems are always finding a suitable location and establishing a group of organisers.

We had in mind using the four and a half acres of land at College Fields for an event.  It has the disadvantage of not being central in the town and also not being strictly a 'street party'.

However it has the advantage of being a good size, it is available, there are no obstructions to move, no streets to close, no safety barriers to erect, no complex legal procedures for street closure.

Also there would not be a strict timetable for setting up and clearing away as there would be in the High Street.

We had in mind a modern sort of 'street party' like a fete with:  children's games of football, badminton, frisbees etc., a marquee with a band, stalls for local art and produce, bring your own picnic.

The area would be decorated with bunting and flags and there could be a voluntary contribution for a local charity.

This could all be quite informal, but a bit of fun.  The three Dads have experience of this sort of celebration and we would ask their help to establish what licenses we need for such an event and for music.

If we go ahead we would welcome the Town Mayor to open the proceedings.

What does anyone else think?   If you want to contact me email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ian Mellor