Silverless Street one way system is a farce

Written by Roger Mallett on .

The level of arrogance shown by some people within this town, is quite frankly beyond belief.  I am, of course, referring to the motorists who blatantly flout the so called ‘one way system’ imposed along Silverless Street. Quite honestly it is a joke, and the no entry signs are being regularly ignored.

Everyday just after 5 pm I walk from the town and along Silverless Street, where I usually see at least two cars coming from the St. Martins end. I have spoken to people who live close by, and I am told that it is a regular occurrence.

It is widely recognised that the driving standards within the town leave a lot to be desired, and this is just another example. To the drivers who feel that the laws do not apply to them, be assured that they do. The laws are imposed for all motorists, and that includes you!
Roger Mallett