St Peter's school building - a community resource

Written by Ian Mellor on .


As almost all the 680 new homes planned for Marlborough between 2006 and 2026 are now built, under construction or have planning permission there is no need for any new sites of any size until 2026.

Notwithstanding this, assuming that the new Primary school which is planned to replace St Mary's and St Peter's receives planning permission, then St Peter's will become surplus to educational requirements.

This is a locally important building in a central and key location.  Hopefully this building can be retained and converted to a new use perhaps involving some selective demolition and rebuilding.  This is a brownfield site  in a sustainable location and would make an excellent site for new homes for first time buyers and affordable housing.

I don't know whether the site is owned by Wiltshire Council or the Diocese, however as responsible public bodies who are keen to facilitate affordable housing, perhaps all the homes could be some form of affordable homes e.g. rented, shared ownership and low cost market homes for local people.

It always takes time to organise this sort of project with grants, planning permission, help to buy approval etc. and so I would suggest that the owners may wish to consider this and perhaps partner with a local housing association.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a major body to lead by example and deliver an important community benefit.


Ian Mellor