More objections to the yellow lines

Written by Roger Mallett on .


I completely agree with the comments made by Peter May, with reference to the painting of double yellow lines which will appear along Frees Avenue and Hyde Lane in June. Furthermore, I would like to ask one of our illustrious councillors exactly what the perceived benefits to the town will be, once the restrictions are in place?

I fully understand that there will be a few people who will benefit from these restrictions, surely though, in the long term these restrictions will cause more problems rather than resolve existing ones. Peter May states that one of his concerns is congestion, I think this is inevitable. The parking problem in the town is dire at the best of times, and imposing further restrictions will only exacerbate this problem, leading to increased congestion and frustration.

There has been no definitive forward planning here at all. You cannot impose restrictions of this type without offering up a viable alternative, and expect everything to run smoothly. Clearly, this has not happened. If our councillors are intent on continually causing disruption, perhaps they should look at imposing further restrictions along College Fields leading up to the Leisure Centre entrance, that would set the cat among the pigeons.

On a final point, I am reminded that these restrictions will be imposed in June. Perfect, just in time for the peak tourist trade. You really couldn't make it up.

Roger Mallett
5 Purlyn Acre