Personal thoughts - wider than double yellow lines - about parking and the future of Marlborough

Written by Justin Cook on .

After reading Peter May’s letter concerning the double yellow lines in Frees Avenue and the lack of 'joined up thinking' on the part of Marlborough Town Council, I wanted to remind everyone that Marlborough Town Council has initiated a Neighbourhood Plan that will address amongst other things…. parking.

I realise that from the outside it can sometimes seem that MTC gets stuck in the mud and endlessly seems to go over the same old ground without any results, but to be fair this could not be further from the truth. The Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan (MANP) is looking at a wide variety of issues for the town and surrounding parishes that will include commercial and residential development, car parking and other development related issues that we all have strong opinions on.

The beauty of the MANP is that the community has to feed into the plan and help shape what kind of place we all want to live in for the next twenty years or so. Parking is a big issue in the town and if we do not engage in 'joined up thinking' now the town will not be the beautiful destination place that it is today, but rather a giant traffic jam with horrendous pollution spewing from the lorries in traffic jams all over our beautiful and idyllic area.

I would encourage all who read this letter and who also live in the Marlborough, Mildenhall, Preshute and Savernake Parishes, to please log onto our holding page of the MANP website ( and register your details so you can be kept in touch with the progress of the MANP and how you the community can engage with the process and help shape the future of your area. The website will be fully operational at the start of June.

This plan is the only true and concrete way to make a difference so please come off the side lines and get engaged with us to make a difference. The first public consultation will take place on Saturday, June 18, 2016 in the Town Hall. It would be great to see as many of you there as possible so we can get a true reflection of what people think and want.

These thoughts and observations do not represent the MANP steering group, but are my personal thoughts and observations.

Best wishes,
Justin Cook