Yellow lines....what about the residents?

Written by Tony Michael on .


Living on the High Street, parking - or lack of it - is a daily nightmare.

I attended the annual Town Council meeting and a number of us raised this as a pressing issue. The comments from Messrs Peter May and Roger Mallett  (letters to Marlborough News Online May 3/May 5) state the problems clearly and show the need for urgent action.

Why is there no scheme for residents’ parking? Has no one ever considered this? If not, why not?

Justin Cook explains the importance of the Neighbourhood Plan and how this might solve the problem. Well, only if you are prepared to wait for at least a year, and even then there is no guarantee that it will address this issue satisfactorily.

However, it seems that the Town Council can remove parking spaces (Frees Avenue, Hyde Lane, etc) with no reference at all to this Neighbourhood Plan, but cannot establish new ones due to the lack of the said plan.

As Mr. Mallett succinctly put it: “You really couldn’t make it up.”
Tony Michael
High Street,