The new Mayor's plans

Written by Gerald Payne on .


I noticed in your piece dated 10 May that you stated:

"(the new Mayor) is also keen to make the town 'Coach Friendly' to encourage visitors and get more shoppers into the High Street.  He also wants to work closely with the town's Chamber of Commerce and the independent traders to improve the economic environment of the High Street and surrounding streets."

By encouraging the town to be "coach friendly" is he advocating increased diesel traffic in our town and High St. areas already cursed by over limit emissions?

Is he only working closely with the Chamber of Commerce or does he intend to work with the rest of the residents of the town and other interested groups?

Why is he only talking about improving the economic environment and not the overall environment of the town, especially the High St (basically a car park), Herd St, London Road and Salisbury Road, all of which are exhaust polluted traffic jams for much of the day now?   I dread to think what they would be like with all this extra economic activity he is planning with the Chamber of Commerce.

I believe the new mayor needs to reach out to the whole town not just select groups and get involved in some joined up thinking which includes more than just economics.


Gerald Payne