The referendum campaign and party politics

Written by Sylvia Card on .

Members of the Devizes constituency Labour Party have been campaigning for several months for a Remain vote in the EU referendum and from talking to people on the streets, in Marlborough and in Devizes, it does seem that the mood is changing.
A few months ago there was little interest. A few weeks ago people were seeking out information and starting to get engaged. A few days ago people were saying they are so fed up with the way this debate is being conducted that there is a real danger many will not vote at all.
As the different factions of the Conservative party race around the country with their pants on fire screaming “LIAR, LIAR, LIAR” at each other it is no surprise that voters are being turned off.

This vote is not about the political fight going on in the Tory party. The exaggerated claims of some politicians fighting for supremacy in the Conservative party has done more damage to the credibility of politicians than Margaret Thatcher did by declaring that there is no such thing as society.
How we vote in the referendum on June 23 is desperately important and whilst the Boris and Dave show is entertaining, it is a dangerous distraction. 

Regardless of which side you are on, everyone agrees that the outcome of this vote will affect the future for our children and grandchildren and determine the sort of society we live in for decades to come.
If people no longer trust politicians other sources of information are available. The nearest thing we have to impartiality is the BBC. The BBC Fact Check website explores many of the questions asked by voters we have spoken to and debunks many of the myths.
Unlike most elections we have in this country, in this poll there will be no wasted votes.  Every vote counts
Sylvia Card
(Labour Party)