Referendum: Will the older generation be letting down the young by voting for Brexit?

Written by David Sherratt on .


Typically for a politician, what an amount of sentimental tosh Dr Sam Page wraps round her Green Party Manifesto for the Referendum: 'I am truly ashamed of my peers', 'a massive betrayal' when the voters over 65, as she predicts, vote for 'Brexit'.

And by implication, because some pollster has produced statistics that all adults over 65 will vote for leaving the European Union, she assumes that these voters will be guilty of letting down the young.

Not everyone over 65 WILL be voting for Brexit, and if the son she unwisely brings into her argument, has a vote, it will be of equal value with the pensioner.

If all goes wrong after the UK stays in the Union, for example the collapse of the Euro, the rise of the nation state, and the massive entanglements of nations with immigration by refugees, who will then have 'let down the young'?


David Sherratt