Referendum: A stark reality & a simple choice to make, Dictatorship or Democracy

Written by Roger Mallett on .


I agree with Dr Nick Maurice, that we should all accept at least some responsibility, for where our politicians are on the political ladder.  As a nation, we are the ones who put them there.

However, the same cannot be said with reference to the politicians serving within the EU dictatorship.  We are not responsible for their collective positions, because we did not vote for them!

Despite this, they appear unrelenting in their desire to impose influence, power and control to the point of overruling UK law.  Next week, we have an opportunity to change this.  We are in effect, under constant jurisdiction from the EU.  With the referendum approaching, we are being bombarded with claims and counter claims from just about everywhere.  It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that some people, both younger and older, have yet to decide which way to vote.

I believe that we should simply ask this: Do we want to continue being part of a dictatorship, where we risk completely losing our independence and identity, whilst being forced to comply with their laws, procedures and regulations, and paying for it in the process?  Or, should we vote for our independence when we can create and maintain our own policies and laws, with no fear of interference from unelected bureaucrats, and therefore become masters of our own destiny?

No one can deny that there will be risks involved in the outcome whatever it may be, but as someone who firmly believes in democracy, I know exactly where my vote will be going!


Roger Mallett,