Jazz Festival Muted

Written by Peter Turvey on .


As a resident of Marlborough who enjoys and supports the annual Jazz Festival, I am very disappointed that Wiltshire Council chose to prioritise traffic and some local traders over the Jazz Festival this year. I found the festival atmosphere and spirit sadly lacking in the High Street on Saturday, which turned into a free for all on overcrowded pavements, with much dodging of traffic in the High Street.

Ironically the absence of road closures on the Saturday ended up creating more risk for festival goers. The public bandstand was also absent from the High Street as a result, a sad loss especially for the local and community groups who use the bandstand and consequently missed an opportunity to showcase their talents.

What was something special had been turned into a more mundane event.

Our Town and Wiltshire council representatives need to be much more supportive of this event next year – which brings many people and their spending power into Marlborough.



Peter Turvey