Wiltshire Council shows contempt for International Musicians and the people of Marlborough

Written by Dr Sam Page on .


I have just written to Cllr John Thomson, Deputy Leader of Wiltshire Council and Cabinet Member for Communities, to ask why Wiltshire Council saw fit to allow through-traffic in our High Street during the recent Marlborough Jazz Festival.

Until this year, Marlborough's Jazz festival had offered the one weekend in the year, when Marlborough's residents, including children and disabled people, also hundreds of volunteers, could wander in the town centre and listen to jazz, blues and African music without being hindered by parked cars and noisy, polluting traffic.

This festival has been running for 20 years and attracts musicians from around the world as well as visitors from outside the town. During this time, through traffic has always been banned from the High Street to allow musicians and revellers to walk between the many venues without having to dodge fast moving vehicles. The Jazz Festival is an integral part of the civic life of our town, not only are we able to enjoy wonderful music on Friday and Saturday, but the local Anglican church also holds a special celebratory service on Sunday morning, featuring some of the jazz musicians.

By allowing through traffic in Marlborough High Street last Saturday:

Other towns and cities across the UK are banning traffic long term to reduce air pollution.

Wiltshire Council's failure to implement a traffic ban during this year's Jazz Festival not only inconvenienced hundreds of music lovers, but also I believe, showed contempt for the people of Marlborough and dedicated musicians that had travelled to our town from all over the world.


Dr Sam L J Page