Jazz Festival - Public Bandstand

Written by Paul Collis on .


My letter is addressed to anyone who was involved – however remotely - with the organisation of the MAA Jazz Festival 2016.

Can someone please explain to us all why the MAA Committee decided to abandon the opportunity to have the FREE PUBLIC BANDSTAND in The Parade ?

Wiltshire Council made a clear offer to provide facilities to allow the Free Public Bandstand to be held in The Parade Triangle on the Saturday of the Event.

This made such great sense as it would provide more space than the traditional New Road location.

Why didn’t the MAA meet with Wiltshire Council and agree how they could provide the facilities that we all love ?

The Fire Station is nearby with a great BBQ along with our beloved local Chip Shop, Chinese and Indian takeaway shops.

This could have been a truly amazing venue and would have been a WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN

Is the truth of the matter that it suited the MAA to cancel the Free Bandstand at short notice and blame the loss of the event on Wiltshire Council and the High Street Retailers ?

Any helpful response from the MAA Jazz Festival organisers that can throw a light on this matter will be much appreciated.

Kind regards


Paul Collis
Marlborough Resident and Jazz Festival Lover