Confusion over Road Closure Order for Jazz Festival

Written by Maralyn Pattison on .


After reading all the various letters on Marlborough News Online and articles relating to the above, I, like Paul Collis am totally confused as to why the Jazz Festival chose to reject the Temporary Road Closure Order granted to them from 5pm until midnight on Saturday 16 July, causing confusion for all.  I was also equally astounded at the banner erected on our Town Hall stating 'Road Closure refused by Wiltshire Council' when a compromise had been unanimously voted upon by Marlborough Town Council.  There was also the suggestion of relocating the free band stand to the Parade Triangle for all to enjoy, making total common sense.

Instead of the usual gridlock of traffic particularly in George Lane during the Jazz Festival, the traffic flowed freely.  The High Street retailers, general public and market were unhindered and the Jazz Festival was once again enjoyed by responsible, safety conscious people, myself included.

Was this a case of the Jazz Festival organisers wanting it their way or no way, without the willingness to compromise.  Perhaps next year they will be more accommodating and not seek to mar the occasion.


Maralyn Pattison