Trucks on Narrow streets in Marlborough

Written by Ian Mellor on .


I was amazed and appalled to see the photo on of a very large articulated lorry stuck at the junction of Kingsbury Hill and Silverless Street causing damage to property in a Conservation Area.

Silverless Street is one way from Kingsbury Hill towards the Green with a no entry sign on the Green and so the driver was not doing anything illegal.

However this road is demonstrably not suitable for large vehicles and it seem to me that there should be a weight restriction on traffic on Silverless Street with sign at the Kingsbury Hill junction.

There was also an unfortunate incident a few weeks ago on Oxford Street with its junction onto Herd Street /Barn Street when another large vehicle got stuck and the road was closed until it could be moved.  Surely Oxford Street should also be one way with a weight restriction.

I appreciate we are living with tight budgets but it must be within the wherewithal of Wiltshire Council to put up some signage to stop this happenenig again?


Ian Mellor