Silverless Street: Clarifications needed please!

Written by Roger Mallett on .


With reference to the letter from Ian Mellor, I have also been under the impression that a one way system is in operation along Silverless Street.  However, it seems that this may not be the case.

Several months ago, I was informed by a resident in Silverless Street that it remains as a two way street, and this person was most adamant that she was correct.  It is true that a no entry sign does not necessarily confirm that a one way system is active.  According to the lady who spoke to me, any vehicle has a right to enter from Kingsbury Hill, travel along Silverless Street and then perform a `U-turn if necessary, therefore using it as a two way street.

Mr Mellor is obviously correct when he states that Silverless Street is totally unsuitable for heavy vehicles, but I do believe that we need some clarity here.  So could someone in the know please answer a simple question.  Is there a one way system in operation along Silverless Street,  Yes or No?!


Roger Mallett