'Village Green' application for Barton Park - The Privileged Few

Written by Susan Gray on .


I was somewhat amused at the terminology in your paper's article relating to the land in Barton Park for which an application has been placed to make it a green area.

I seem to recall – and I may be wrong, that when these houses were built the purchasers were made aware that this area might be used as an access road to further development at some time in the future.

While land used as a children’s play area in the Rabley Wood area has been handed over for development with no consideration for the many underprivileged few in that area, why should this land which serves no purpose other than a “nice” outlook for the far more privileged be protected.

Is it not time that we stopped blaming Marlborough College for profiteering when it is very obvious that it is the owners of adjacent houses that want to maintain the value of their properties that are making the greatest objection.


Susan Gray