Why they are binning the Housing Survey

Written by David Thornton on .


I really liked the article;

'Please don’t recycle your survey!' - call for residents to complete and return important Housing Survey, written by Neil Goodwin on 18 January 2017.

Talking to my neighbours who have binned the survey, they all say the same:

It is deeply intrusive and also asks entirely irrelevant questions to the purported purpose of collecting the housing requirements for Marlborough and surrounds.

This questionnaire is part of the Town Council’s £35,000 grand neighbourhood plan, much of which is being spent on expensive consultants.

Having spent so much money with little response, presumably that is why the council is bribing residents to fill in the questionnaire.

No doubt why the Marlborough council tax payers will be slugged with a 16.55% rise in council tax, in part for another inflated vanity project.

Perhaps your readers could read another point of view please?


David Thornton