Why they are binning the Housing Survey - another point of view

Written by David Thornton on .


I wonder if you could publish my response to Ms Harris and Mr Chandler letters to MNO criticising me.

While I find Ms Harris's and Mr Chandler's points of view on my criticism of the so called Marlborough Development Plan "Housing Survey" very interesting, I would like to clarify my earlier letter to MNO please.

People have every right to be cynical about the Town Council raising council taxes year after year by over 10% pa with no extra responsibilities, while Wiltshire Council has not done so.

Now the Town Council is spending £34,000 of un-budgeted funds, taken from council reserves on this unnecessary survey, mostly with external consultants. Surely there is a more cost effective use of our money, maybe even using the local volunteer's expertise to do so.

Also, the survey cannot claim it is confidential.

Anyone who gives their name and contact details hoping to win a prize, will loose their confidentiality.  And in doing so, do they know that their information will be processed and held by an America company in America?

Lastly, why does this housing survey intrusively require respondents to detail their ethnicity, salary and benefits received?

and why does it require respondents to detail their existing fuel types for heating, their existing energy efficiency measures taken and how they pay for their energy usage currently?

None of this is relevant to a housing survey ostensibly focussed on future housing needs. It sounds to many like a marketing "fishing expedition".

This is yet another poorly executed Town Council survey, where any respondent from anywhere can again make multiple submissions, this time using different on-line devices, which will render information collected corrupted.

As previously the outcome of the survey will not be based on the people of Marlborough having their say, but more on that of the town's usual vested interests, and we all have to pay for it, with another council tax rise of 16.55% in 2017-18.



David Thornton