Justin Cook decides not to stand in Wiltshire Council elections - or for Marlborough Town Council

Written by Justin Cook on .

I am writing to let all Marlborough.News readers know that with a heavy heart I have decided not to stand for Marlborough East's unitary councillor role in the May 2017 elections.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my last four years on Marlborough Town Council serving the town and at the same time learning new skills and meeting great people.

Ultimately I don't think party politics is for me as I think it stifles good and healthy debate.

Call me naive, but I always held the belief that 'pure politics' should include all sides of the party political divide coming together to achieve good things for the whole community and with my limited experience up to this point, I have come to the realisation that long-term political cabinet councils do not deliver what is needed for the community.

I will stay on Marlborough Town Council until May, but will see out the Neighbourhood plan process all the way through to the end - as it's localism at its best in every way.

I have loved working with Lisa Farrell at the Marlborough Community Youth Project. It's really been a worthwhile endeavour working alongside the young people of our town.

I am also very happy that the campaign for a better Vodafone service will tonight (February 20) see a planning application from Vodafone to place a new dedicated mast in St Peters Church, hopefully bringing great signal and reception to the town and indeed to other parishes.

I will still be passionate and driven to help out on community issues where I see the need.
Justin Cook
Oil Gallery