Why has Marlborough been left off Wiltshire Council's plans?

Written by Sylvia Card on .

It was strange to read your report (February 7) about the late changes to Wiltshire Council's budget for 2017-18.  £170,000 was put back into the budget to open the household recycling centres in Salisbury, Trowbridge and Chippenham for an extra day a week - but not in Marlborough.

It was even stranger to read in your later report (February 22) that Wiltshire Council is going to spend £6.4million of its austerity budget on further 'campus and community hubs' - after Marlborough had been told there was no more money for campuses or hubs.

In times of austerity it seems OK to spend council tax payers' money in places where there are LibDem and Labour seats to be won - but not in Tory-safe Marlborough.

Was it coincidence that before the 2015 General Election, the first fruits of Wiltshire Council's campus programme (the new Corsham centre) appeared in the LibDem held Chippenham constituency - won by the Tories?

And now, just before May's council elections, Baroness Scott is busy opening new campus developments but again NOT in Marlborough.

In Marlborough we have lost out over and over again because it's such a safe TORY area with no electoral opposition. Our Sure Start centre has GONE. The only emergency accommodation for the homeless has CLOSED. Our Youth Centre has become so dilapidated it is no longer fit for purpose.

If people want change in Marlborough and some investment in our infrastructure don’t vote Tory on May 4.
Sylvia Card
Chair Devizes Constituency Labour Party