Written by David Sherratt on .


Dr Sam Page, whose political adherence is well known but seems to want to hide under a cloak of cross-party activists, can hardly extrapolate with any degree of credibility from 34 persons who answered her survey questions at a recent 'Action Day' to claim support for her Party's point of view.

Whichever side one voted for in the Referendum - and in this constituency voters rejected her point of view - one must now accept that the Government has to implement the decision made in that Referendum in the best interests of this country.

Remainers may claim that the democratic process allows for Remainers to place obstacles in the Prime Minister's way - the Remainer-led House of Lords' recent amendments plus the Tory rebels in the House of Commons have attempted to cause delays - but these antics can do nothing but weaken the Government's negotiating positions in dealing with the unelected European negotiators.

One suspects that had the Referendum gone the other way, we should now be hearing Remainers condemning Leavers' for attempting to interfere in the further integration with Europe which members of Dr Page's Party appears to want.



David Sherratt