Sorry to read Justin Cook has decided to resign from the Town Council. We need more young blood not less, to overcome the party politics

Written by David Thornton on .


I was sorry to read on that Justin Cook is to resign from the Town Council.

But I quite understand his reasons.

Why party politics invade local and Town Councils escapes me entirely.

Maybe that's why only those who support the party line get selected to run in elections.

That the Marlborough Town Council is following the Westminster government push to increase general taxation via Wiltshire Council and in turn Marlborough Town Council, is only possible by the docile compliance of Tory led representative bodies in both.

Marlborough Town Council is part of that programme.

In that way we are all complicit in another tax rise that the Westminster government is pushing through by stealth - again.

This is especially concerning as Councillor Ross says, as reported in  "I don't know where you cut - there's nothing to cut.", justifying a 16% increase in the Town Council precept - when un-budgeted funds fly out the door and vanity projects, expensive consultants and the Towns vested interests seem to be the beneficiaries - again.

But it seemed to me that having more new younger faces on the Town Council like Councillor Cook, was a chance to combat the vested interests and replace some of those councillors who have been on the Town Council for over 40 years.

With his departure the balance shifts in the favour of party politics. No doubt this is a reason why so few people in Marlborough vote in Town Council elections.

We need some changes. With an election coming up in May, maybe we will get some.

I for one would like to thank Justin Cook for his service to the people of Marlborough as a West Ward Councillor and for making the point why he will no longer serve on the Town Council.



David Thornton