Marlborough's White Horse - in a sad and sorry state

Written by Rosy Berry on .



On a visit to Marlborough, which has been home to my family for generations, my daughter and I set off to take my grand children for their first visit to the White Horse.

All went well past the old spring ( where is it?) and swimming pool in Treacle Bolly and up Butterfly Alley.

However, the famous and much publicised White Horse was a disgrace...  More green than white, grown over and surrounded by barbed wire, much of which is hidden under foliage.  Reaching the eye to make a wish resulted in only one scratch, but the children were underwhelmed.

Come on, Marlborough, you can do better!  Please clean up your act, put in a gate and some steps and let the White Horse live again!


Rosy Berry
Llanfair, Harlech