No traffic plan - please

Written by Anonymous on .

My wife and I do so hope the Town Council will not spend its scarce cash on a 'traffic plan' for the town - see your report dated 30 May.

Traffic is not something that happens by itself - it is joined at the hip (as they say) to housing, availability of shops, to individuals' actions and habits, the nearby road network and, of course, car parks.

A traffic plan will not stop Wiltshire Council approving more housing for developments (so boosting traffic) in an around Marlborough.  They get more income from every new home.

Nor will a traffic plan bring house prices down - and so stop people needing to commute into the town to work.  A traffic plan will not stop parents driving their kids to schools.

A traffic plan will not reduce High Street rents and so save its traders and providers.  A traffic plan will not build more car parks.  Wiltshire Council has no money and seems not to want to invest in our part of their 'realm'.

A traffic plan will not take through traffic away from the town. A traffic plan will merely raise expectations and show us how helpless we are in the face of our 'county council'.

Oh - and in case it's raised - a traffic plan will not get the ever older generations onto bicycles!

Please save the thirty-or-so grand for better uses - like supporting youth clubs.
Anonymous - please
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