Bedwyn Bus Cuts - affecting more than just Marlborough residents

Written by Jo Carroll on .




Following on from Dr Sam Page’s letter regarding the cuts to buses with links to Bedwyn, I’d like to point out that this doesn’t only affect residents of Marlborough.


I lived in Marlborough for many years before moving to Newbury last summer.  I have no car, and rely on public transport to be able to return to visit friends.  There is just one bus, on Friday afternoons, from Newbury to Marlborough, and I have to hope that a bus meets the train at Bedwyn to get home.  Checking the timetables, buses - when they do run - are not designed for people visiting the town, but leaving in the morning and returning in the evening.


If Marlborough is to develop as a tourist destination - and surely it should, given the wonderful High Street - then attention needs to be paid to those who want to visit.  At the moment, unless you have a car or live on the Swindon-Salisbury route, that is almost impossible.





Jo Carroll