Why does Mrs Perry continue to back Osborne’s ruinous austerity programme?

Written by Norman Campbell on .



Our local MP, Mrs Perry, continues to support the questionable policy of the coalition in its determination to ruin the British economy.  George Osborne is stuck on the path of austerity and seems to have missed out on the basic lessons of Keynsian economics: the wisdom of stimulating public works and investment in times of falling demand.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with further borrowing if it achieves this aim.  As it happens, the Government is continuing to borrow considerable sums to maintain a level of services to the public and deal with the consequences of his austerity programme.
How much better it would be if they were borrowing to increase investment in infrastructure leading to increases in employment and consumption and an increase in the tax-take.

Come on Mrs Perry, get with it!

Norman Campbell