Democracy - live & kicking in the Labour Party?

Written by Roger Mallett on .

Firstly, a quote from Sylvia Card's letter: "Three years on from the referendum we now know more about what is in store for us if/when we leave the EU".
Indeed we do! There have always been plans, predictions and forecasts on both sides of the debate and no doubt this will continue. However, when these are coupled together with the contradictions, chaos, and utter confusion which persistently emanate from the newsrooms of our 'trusted' mainstream media sources, I would certainly question the credibility of such information.
Another quote: "We can't ignore what we have learnt with the very simplistic 'we won you lost' attitude of the Nigel Farage brigade."
As it was the priority of UKIP to force the original referendum, can I assume that Sylvia Card considers all 59.9 per cent of leave voters to all have 'simplistic' attitudes?  Surely not?
Final quote from Sylvia Card: "Why is the government so afraid of another referendum? The implication is that they know remain will win next time. To not allow it to happen is a denial of democracy and reckless in the extreme."
A second referendum is just one weapon in the armoury of those who are keen to thwart this democratically expressed wish. (The added bonus being that the people who voted for Brexit in the first place may not bother to turn out for a second referendum if their perfectly justified fears that 2016's 'once in a generation' vote would turn out to be a stitch-up are proven to be correct).
The only reason Jeremy Corbyn is pretending to back a second referendum, which Remain forlornly hope will keep the UK tethered to an institution he is on record as hating for the last 40 years of his political life, is in order to stem the flow of pro-EU MPs from leaving his already beleaguered party.
In conclusion: Deep down, I do believe that Labour are ardent advocates of both fairness and democracy, (but only when it suits them!)
I have to go now. Donald Tusk has just telephoned me to confirm my 'special' place!
Roger Mallett