In support of the Neighbourhood Nursing Teams

Written by Val Compton on .

It was uplifting to read such a positive article about the Neighbourhood Teams (NT) and the care being delivered not just closer to home but in patients’ homes.  I’m 100% behind the idea that care comes to patients rather than making them drive around the countryside (however beautiful) looking for treatment.  The “closer to home” initiative, which came about in 2007, created some casualties in the way of the Day Hospital (treatment and care for the elderly) and of course the beloved MIU which disappeared for well disputed reasons.  
Day Hospital patients have maybe fared better than patients sustaining minor injuries who continue to have to find treatment at arms length, driving to Swindon or Chippenham.  With the fast response available from the NT nurses, some of the injuries in the elderly can be dealt with.  If only we could bring on board other services to run an integrated urgent care service, perhaps we could get more patients treated closer to, if not in their own homes.  The new  NHS 111 number may well be able to triage for this.  Not sure what happened to our promised Emergency Care Practitioners from the Ambulance Services, who should have been out and about but failed to materialise.  
With a bit of creative thinking and a will on the part of the new Clinical Commissioning Groups, I feel there is more that could be done to crack the problem.  Urgent minor illness is dealt with, so why is it we only feel we must discriminate against those requiring urgent minor injury treatment? It is a little bizarre.  All suggestions very welcome – as the case is still very open as far as Claire Perry MP is concerned and of course I have pledged not to give up until minor injuries can be treated closer to or perhaps even in your own homes.
Meanwhile – let’s hear about other successful services in the NHS – we are apt to forget that it can be fabulous, kind and efficient – mostly thanks to some brilliant staff members.
Yours faithfully

Val Compton