We need your answers on so many vital questions Claire Perry

Written by Peggy Dow on .


I note that our MP Claire Perry says in her local newspaper column that she doesn’t always know what subjects she should write about that might interest people in these dangerous times.

That is an open invitation I simply can’t refuse, especially as she has yet to reply in public to the issue of local families being hit by the introduction of the new tax credit system that insists they work longer hours when, as everyone knows, the part-time jobs they already fill are diminishing daily.

As I have said before, Mrs Perry doesn’t live in the real world.  She comes from a background of banking, and we all know how it is the banks who have literally put the world into the current economic crisis.

So may be she can tell us why she gives her full support to Chancellor George Osborne, the MP she worked for before coming an MP herself, and his policy of dire cuts to everyone’s budget that is causing so much harm and alarm.

She complains that the Labour Party policy of stimulating the economy means borrowing more money, yet Mr Osborne is at the moment borrowing billions to keep the country afloat because his austerity programme -- and his Budget -- have miserably failed.

I am sure your readers will have many other subjects to raise with Mrs Perry, for example the effect of the cuts in the Armed Forces on the five Army bases in her Devizes constituency, which will put more people out of work and on the dole, and the serious deterioration in the NHS, the government’s so called reforms undermining the performance of doctors and nurses.

How can you reduce pay and pensions across the board and, at the same time, give tax breaks to the rich?

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Peggy Dow