Keeping that link between the two Marlboroughs

Written by Debbie Pepler on .


Last week it was snowing in Marlborough NZ, however, it was also pretty stormy here in Wiltshire, but the difference is that it is winter in NZ so cold is expected.  

Winters in Marlborough NZ can arrive with clear blue skies and frosty temperatures starting anywhere between minus one and minus six and rising to mid teens.  Arrgh, how I miss that early morning walk into Blenheim town.  But, it can rain there too!

It is wonderful being back in Wiltshire on a more long term basis opposed to the few months I was spending between England and New Zealand.

Of course, being born in New Zealand and married to a Wiltshire’man means there will always be the challenge of balancing family and work commitments between both countries, however, modern technology certainly does bring that distance closer together.

Although I am Westbury based, my business (Peptalk) brings me to Marlborough on a fortnightly basis, giving me plenty of opportunity to continue working on strengthening the link between the two Marlboroughs.  

As always, I am very happy to talk about Marlborough NZ and welcome any opportunity to do this.

I look forward to keeping up to date with Marlborough News Online.


Debbie Pepler