Alarm at traders' lack of response

Written by Val Compton on .

Dear Sirs
Your lack of response from Marlborough traders gets a triple "A" rating from me. I am Alarmed, Appalled and Ashamed.
The instant reaction could be - well let them go under - but the knock on effect to our community is too awful to think about.  This situation needs addressing by not only our town council but by Wiltshire Council - where apparently "Everybody Matters".  The burning question is - does anyone care - and care enough to take action to stop Marlborough going under?
Do traders in fact feel so disempowered by council actions now that they have become paralysed? There is a small part of me that does understand that, but a far bigger part that wants to scream at the traders to unite, for it is only out of unity that power will be born.
Yours faithfully

Val Compton