Another view of Rory Stewart

Written by Sylvia Card on .

In response to Graham Turner’s letter, the fact that Rory Stewart looks like a statesman by merely pointing out a few unarguable facts about Brexit is a pretty damning indictment of the Tory Party right now.  

Stewart’s chances of winning the Tory leadership election however are not good.  In a party that is both intellectually and morally bankrupt a candidate with some  intelligence and integrity has no hope.
We will probably end up with a Trump lite PM in the form of Boris Johnson, elected by of a few thousand elderly Tory members and with no mandate from the rest of the 65 million UK citizens.
I agree that Rory Stewart is the best of a bad bunch of leadership contenders but I disagree that he would appeal to many Labour voters in a General Election .

You only have to look at Rory Stewart’s voting record to see that he shares the same stance on human rights and equality issues as the rest of the rabid right wingers in the Tory party.

Sylvia Card