Caffe Nero - Where were the businesses queueing up for this site?

Written by Bob Burns on .


Before making up my mind over the so far one-sided debate about Caffe Nero, can someone advise me which businesses were queueing up to take over the premises vacated by Dash.   If, for instance, another restaurant was on the cards or an estate agent or dress shop, surely we have enough of these already.  Personally, I love the smell of fresh coffee that now comes from various places in the High Street, so let us not get too worked up just because it is a national chain that wants to join us.

Surely, it all depends on who wanted to come here as an alternative and whether they were prevented from doing so.   Who were they please?    And by the way, whenever I pass by Caffe Nero all I seem to observe are people more than happy to be there - visitors, locals and mums with buggies alike !!    Of course, no one should be allowed to circumvent the planning system and it looks as though Caffe Nero jumped the gun, but I am just trying to understand what the real motivation is in this case.


Bob Burns
River Park