Grab a leaflet to discover how to benefit from the new £1 each-way commuter train bus service

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

Hundreds of timetable leaflets have been produced by Transition Marlborough to help Marlborough residents to take advantage of the new £1-each-way commuter bus links with fasts trains to and from Reading and London Paddington.

The initiative is thanks to the pooled resources of Transition Marlborough’s Transport Group and those of the Bedwyn Trains Passenger Group.

Monday to Friday, buses before 9 am from Marlborough to Hungerford are now just £1 to board. And if you show your rail ticket on any return bus from Bedwyn,  it will only cost £1 again to return.

This means that commuters can now leave their cars at home and take the 0655 X22 bus from Barton Park or from Marlborough High Street at 0705.

This bus arrives at Hungerford in time for the 07.34 train that arrives in Paddington at 08.38. The returning 18.06 and 18.33 trains from Paddington will arrive in Bedwyn in time for the the 1950 bus back to Marlborough.

Commuters that leave their cars at home can now save money, reduce carbon emissions and help relieve congestion around Bedwyn station.

“We have also worked with Wiltshire Council to ensure that the gap between the arrivals and departures of buses and trains is at least six minutes to give passengers more confidence in the service,” Dr Sam Page, chairman of Transition Marlborough, told Marlborough News Online.

“The Transport Group will be giving out some of these specially produced Rail/Bus timetables at the Communities' Market  in Marlborough this Sunday.  Volunteers will also distribute them in parts of the town, including the Library.”