No unique parade for three global mayors of Marlborough

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

A unique event – the simultaneous arrival in Marlborough of the mayors of Marlborough, New Zealand, and Marlborough, Massachusetts,  is not to happen after all.

The idea of a triumvirate of Marlborough mayors going on parade was the idea of Councillor Andy Ross, whose year of office ends next month, following his own civic visit to Massachusetts and the visit of former mayor Nick Fogg to New Zealand during his year in office.

He had initially invited Alistair Sowman to fly from New Zealand to attend mayor-making ceremony in Marlborough on May 9 and/or attend to freedom ceremony being staged in June for the No 4 Military Intelligence Battalion.

And it was to that event that he suggested Nancy Stevens, the American mayor, might also like to attend, bringing all three mayors of Marlborough together at the same time.

But Mayor Sowman has had to decline the first invitation as it clashes with her own council’s budget-setting session. And both he and Mayor Stevens are unable to make the second trip unless it is linked to some economic activity that helps their local industries.

“If there was something like a wine festival where Alistair could promote Marlborough wines, then that would justify the cost,” explained Councillor Ross. “And the same consideration is needed too for Nancy in America.

“Nancy is an absolutely charming person and it would have been an enormous pleasure to welcome her here in Marlborough, but today’s economics have to come first.”