Council places emergency hazards warning notice on London Road property

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

A prohibition hazards order has been placed by Wiltshire Council on No 111 London Road, Marlborough, a dilapidated property adjoining the Bridge Garage, whose petrol prices have been claimed to be the highest in the county.

The garage and the property are owned by Mr Zubair Dean, on whom the notice, posted on a blocked up door of the residential property, has been served by the council’s private sector housing team, based in Chippenham.

The emergency prohibition order, under Section 43 of the Housing Act 2004, says that the council “is satisfied that multiple Category 1 hazards exist on the premises and is further satisfied that no management order is in force in relation to the premises.”

And adds: “This emergency prohibition takes immediate effect and prohibits the use of the residential premises as a dwelling. The council considers the service of this emergency prohibition order as the most appropriate course of action.”

The notice points out that an appeal may be made to the Residential Property Tribunal to revoke or vary the emergency prohibition order within 28 days, as from 19 April.

At the garage, which is currently charging £1.50 a litre for diesel and £1.42 a litre for unleaded petrol, a spokesman said that Mr Dean is currently on holiday for six weeks.

He added: “I will tell him when he comes back. Where has he gone? I don’t know.”

The property currently has a poster offering a no longer in use car hand washing service plastered on it.

A spokeswoman for the council told Marlborough News Online: “Our responsibility is to the tenant or tenants of a property, who in this case have been moved out, the gas cut off and the premises boarded up.”

“If no appeal is lodged, the order will be pursued with the owner of the property.”