Marlborough’s tourist information centre to close next week

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

Spending cuts introduced by Wiltshire Council means that Marlborough’s tourist information centre, based in the High Street library, will close next week.

Activist Val Compton gave the warning to Marlborough town council on Monday night and asked what action was being taken to ensure the continuance of such a vital service.

She pointed out the library opening hours had been reduced by 50 per cent as well, that the woman in charge of tourist information had taken redundancy, and added: “The council needs to take action to solve this problem.”

Councillor Alexander Kirk Wilson, the mayor, replied that the appropriate committee would discuss the problem, which also affected Avebury, where the tourist information centre was also being closed.

He said he understood the woman employee would be available to run another such centre and added: “That ought to give you some comfort.”

Providing a tourist information centre inside the vestibule of Marlborough town hall is one aim of the improvements proposed for the building by Marlborough town council. “But that is sometime in the future,” the mayor later told Marlborough News Online.