Marlborough mayor stamps out strange Tesco bus rumours

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

Strange rumours are flooding Marlborough claiming that the town council is responsible for the lack of a commuter bus to take High Street shoppers up to the new Tesco supermarket in the Salisbury Road business park.

But Councillor Alexander Kirk Wilson, Marlborough’s new mayor,  killed them cold at Monday’s town council meeting when he declared that neither Wiltshire Council nor the town council is responsible for local bus services.

“The reluctance of buses to go up to Tesco is not the concern of us or Wiltshire Council,” he declared. “It’s strange how these rumours take hold.”

And he added that the unnamed bus company involved had said it didn’t have enough buses to run such a route and would have to buy a new one to provide a Tesco shuttle.

The mayor, who is involved with Kennet Community Transport, which provides services for the disabled, told Marlborough News Online later that this organisation was unable to be involved because it did not have the capacity to collect fares and/or charge Tesco for a service.

“We gave it serious thought, but we were unable to help,” he said, pointing out that the cost of a shuttle bus of the type it used was £70,000.

 He understood that supermarket had approached various transport companies passing through Marlborough to provide either a linked or shuttle bus service but that none of them were able to do so.