Tourism in Marlborough gets a home grown shot in the arm

Written by Tony Millett on .

A Visit Marlborough photograph by Eric GilbertA Visit Marlborough photograph by Eric GilbertHow many Marlborough people, let alone tourists, know the town has nine English Heritage blue plaques - seven of which are easily accessible on the High Street?

The Marlborough Area Development Trust (MADT) has taken on the task of boosting tourism in the town and has also taken on a new persona as Visit Marlborough.  They have a website and have unveiled their guide to the town's historic blue plaque trail - seven of which are in the High Street.  

Visitors to Marlborough can now view online or download Visit Marlborough’s blue plaque walk - a gentle stroll through key moments in Marlborough's history.  Some highlights include the site of the 1642 Battle of Marlborough, the building where diarist Samuel Pepys stayed in 1668, and the spot where the great fire of Marlborough began in 1653.
Geoff Brickell of the MADT told Marlborough News Online:  “We have modernised the original walk, defined some years ago, that links up Marlborough’s nine blue plaques by producing an online version. This charming walk, which tells the town’s story across hundreds of years, is now just a click away."

They will be adding more information - such as their new map showing the location of Marlborough's churches.  They have also been trialling a 'tourist information kiosk' - currently in use at the Mustard Seed Book and Coffee Shop by the bridge in the main car park.

MADT is the non-profit, voluntary organisation that has been rolling out Free Community Wi-Fi for visitors, residents and retailers in Marlborough and some of the surrounding villages.  The Wi-Fi is accessible along the High Street as well at locations in Ramsbury, Aldbourne, Avebury and Lockeridge.
The Free Community Wi-Fi enables anyone on Marlborough high street and the above villages to gain free access for twenty minutes.  Registered users who pay just £10 get unlimited access on two devices for twelve months at any of the Community Wi-Fi areas.
MADT's Bob Holman says the Trust has recognised that people need to stay connected:  “We are delighted to have further rolled out the Free Community Wi-Fi for Marlborough, now anyone in central Marlborough and surrounding villages can be connected at just the click of a button and send that important email or check the latest score in the Rugby World Cup!”

Be careful when you go online and remember it is 'dot org' not 'dot com' : takes you straight to Marlborough in New England, USA where there are no blue plaques!

These two Visit Marlborough photographs are by Eric Gilbert.