Community choir comes up with its own surprise trolley song in Waitrose

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

There was a surprise in store for Saturday morning shoppers in Waitrose – a flashmob demonstration by a dozen members of the Marlborough Community Choir aimed at promoting their forthcoming concert on Friday.

But it wasn’t Judy Garland’s Trolley Song that they burst out into singing. Instead they gave a rousing refrain of Baby Just Loves Me while standing around the delicatessen counter.

And handed out leaflets, of course, for the concert at St Peter’s Church at 7.30pm on Friday, which features the famed British folk singer Frankie Armstrong.

“I phoned the manager Andy Davies to ask for permission first,” said choir leader Vanessa Lafaye. “He’s a good supporter of the community and didn’t mind at all. And the customers loved it.”

Vanessa, a writer and photographer originally from Florida, launched the choir six months ago, on the basis that anyone can join in at any time, some weeks as many as 50 people attending impromptu sessions.

Twenty regulars will be taking part in Friday’s concert featuring Frankie Armstrong, whose motto is, “If you can talk, you can sing.” Tickets cost £5 at the door, profits in aid of Home-Start Kennet. (see 'What's On')

“It is a real honour to have Frankie Armstrong with us,” added Vanessa. “She will also be running a voice workshop the following day.”