Claire Perry wins her fight to save St Peter’s lollipop lady

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

Marlborough MP Claire Perry has won her battle to keep a lollipop lady patrol outside St Peter’s School, originally a temporary post funded by Wiltshire Council.

The contract for Mrs Catherine Palmer to continue her safety role on the zebra crossing outside the primary school ran out at Easter, and there were fears that it wouldn’t been extended as a result of council spending cuts.

It was Mrs Perry who helped St Peter’s persuade the council that they need a lollipop lady last October because of the extra heavy traffic created on the London Road by the Pewsey Road bridge replacement project.

Parents backed the school’s bid to maintain Mrs Palmer’s service – gas main works are now adding to the traffic problem – and in particular after an incident three months ago when Mrs Palmer was shaken by a car that hit her lollipop out of her hand and sent her flying.

Now Mrs Perry is claiming victory after receiving a letter from Dick Tonge, Wiltshire’s cabinet member for transport, with the welcome news that the county will continue to fund the lollipop patrol.

“The post was originally a temporary measure to help traffic congestion in Marlborough,” Mrs Perry told Marlborough News Online. “But it was clear that the pupils at the school  needed this extra support going forward – it is a very busy road.”

“I have been working closely with St Peter’s  to argue the case for funding the post and, despite several set-backs, we have now got the result we wanted.”

“A very sensible decision.”