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Woman who stabbed partner avoids jail

Swindon Crown Court 2Swindon Crown Court 2A woman who feared her partner was going to die after she left him with a foot long slash across his stomach has walked free from court.

Lisa Holborow used the kitchen knife to cut Paul Billington after she claimed he had attacked her during a drunken row.

And when the 42-year-old mum called for an ambulance she told the operator his stomach was 'hanging out' and he was bleeding so much she thought he would die.

But after hearing she lashed out at him because he had again attacked her, and they were still together, a judge imposed a suspended jail term.

Ian Fenny, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court how the couple had a 'dysfunctional relationship' which was punctuated by violence.

He said in the early hours of Sunday, August 3 last year she dialled 999 and calmly told the ambulance operator what had happened.

"She said she had stabbed him in the stomach and she wasn't sure how many times she had stabbed him," he said.

During the conversation she said she was worried he was going to die because he was bleeding so heavily.

In the background he could be heard shouting 'belligerent comments' before going quiet again, Mr Fenny said.

When the emergency services arrived on the scene Mr Billington was unwilling to help and Holborow said he fell on the knife.

"It may be a reasonable inference that by the time the police had arrived the defendant and complainant had put their heads together as to how the injuries arrived," Mr Fenny said.

He said the police had been called to their home on two previous occasions, first in 2007 when she said he grabbed her by the throat and hit her, but then would not support a prosecution.

Two years later a neighbour called police who arrived to find Mr Billington bleeding from what appeared to be knife injuries but again neither would say what happened.

"When it came back for a third time the Crown took the view it couldn't be let go. The Crown took the view it had become a pattern and fearful of what might happen in the future."

As well as a foot long slash across his stomach her also suffered a smaller cut to the back and 'defence' wounds to his hands.

Holborow, of South Groves, Stag Hill, Chilton Foliat, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm on the basis she was acting in self defence but went too far.

Gareth James, defending, said it was clearly a turbulent relationship with violence going both ways between the couple.

He said his client had a 17-year-old daughter with severe mental impairment and she cares for her during the week.

When she went to stay with her father, Holborow's ex husband, on weekends she and the victim would often drink too much.

He said when she dialled 999 she said 'He was beating the c*** out of me so I stabbed him.'

The victim had the knife first, he said, and the hand injures came as they struggled over it before she went too far and used it.

Mr James said "This is a 42-year-old lady who in a very difficult situation for her has reacted in a way that was out of proportion for the circumstances."

Passing sentence Recorder Maria Lamb said "I accept there are for you a number of stresses, primarily your daughter, but she must come first. You can't have this going on in a household where she must be the prime consideration."

Imposing a 21 month jail term suspended for two years she said "This is no let off."

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