Poo discovery proves there are still otters on Marlborough’s Kennet

Written by Peter Davison on .

Conservationists are celebrating after finding fresh otter poo downstream of Marlborough.

The spraint - the technical term for strong-smelling droppings containing fish bones and scales - was discovered by a riverkeeper, and confirms that at least one otter still resides on Marlborough’s stretch of the Kennet.

As reported by Marlborough News Online on March 17, environmentalists were devastated when an otter was found dead, just a month after being spotted and photographed eating a fish.

Toxicology reports found the male otter had been killed by the rat poison Brodifacouom.

The new discovery comes as a relief to wildlife campaigners working to encourage the elusive mammal back to the banks of the River Kennet in Marlborough.

Anna Forbes, of Action for the River Kennet, said: “What fantastic news, after the tragic death of two otters earlier this year.”