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No copycat riot problems reported by Wiltshire police in local areas

No copycat disturbances have been reported in the Marlborough and Pewsey areas following the riots in London and other major cities, Acting Inspector Mark Gale revealed tonight (Wed).

And at the same time he issued a 10 point list of precautionary safety measures to be taken to protect premises in cases of trouble.

Wiltshire officers from the local neighbourhood policing teams are actively involved in engaging with young people, he told Marlborough News Online.

“To date there has been no  intelligence to suggest any disorder will take place within the East Wiltshire area,” he said in a statement.  “There have been a couple of very minor incidents elsewhere in the  county but these have been localised and swiftly contained.”

As reported by Marlborough News Online last night, Wiltshire has sent 25 police officers to assist in the Met operation in London as part of mutual aide arrangements.

“It is very much business as usual across the county and I can assure you all that the delivery of your local policing service will be unaffected,” added Inspector Gale.

“There are a number of key messages which I have been asked to circulate, emphasising the current situation.

They are:

    Wiltshire Police will continue to maintain an active presence on the streets and in our communities to enforce the law.
    Wiltshire Police will take decisive action against any criminality or disorder in our communities.
    Wiltshire Police has good relationships with all our communities and we have the support of the public to maintain order and people's safety.
    The public can help us too by being vigilant and reporting any issues to us immediately.
    Wiltshire Police has plans in place to respond and deal with any outbreaks of disorder.
    Our partner agencies are supporting us as part of a coordinated approach to managing crime and disorder in our communities.
    Wiltshire Police has sent 25 public order trained officers to London as part of mutual aid arrangements to help the Metropolitan Police Service, but it will be business as usual in Wiltshire.

And he pointed out: “In addition there is also specific advice in relation to our business community.  Below is some advice about precautionary measures you may wish to take.  “However, please note that this is regular precautionary advice that we would give at any time to  businesses about security matters.”

    Ensure staff report any suspicious activity to security and/or police.
    Consider regular checks of the building and surrounding area.
    Identify areas that are vulnerable to forced entry
    Make sure all service doors are kept locked and secure when not in use.
    Ensure your CCTV system is fully operational.
    In case of an emergency, is there a record of the names of keyholders who can be contacted?
    Consider removing high value goods from display windows overnight.
    Consider keeping as little cash as possible on the premises.
    Ensure that your premises are secure and if fitted your alarm systems are fully operational.
    In the event of a non emergency, call Wiltshire Police on 0845 408 7000. In the event of an emergency, call the emergency number 999.
    If you manage retail premises which are part of a large group, follow instructions given from your headquarters.

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  • Town-Hall-2011-05-03 08-
  • Silbury-Sunset---10-06-08-----07
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  • IMG 9097
  • Marlborough-2013-04-18 St Peters