Brexit: What Next? ponders local Green Party

Written by Peter Davison on .

Molly Scott CatoMolly Scott CatoEnvironmental campaigners will be meeting to discuss their response to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union next week.

The Devizes branch of the Green Party will meet at The Lamb in The Parade, Marlborough from 7pm on Thursday, July 14.

Members will be formulating a group reaction to the Brexit decision, to feed back to the national party.

They’ll also be exploring any opportunities offered up the Britain’s departure from the EU.

Senior Greens have already delivered their reaction to Brexit: Member of the European Parliament for the South West, Molly Scott Cato, used the vote as a platform to call for changes to the UK’s electoral system.

The Greens, as well as other small parties like UKIP, would benefit from proportional representation.

Meanwhile, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has called for a General Election before Article 50 – which would trigger the start of the UK’s departure from the EU – is invoked.